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Are you struggling with Angina Pain... Shortness Of Breath... Living In Fear Of Stroke & Heart Attacks?... then there's a...

´╗┐"Ticking Time Bomb" Drug That Must Not Pass Through Your Mouth If You Have Artery Plaque Or A High Cholesterol And Want To Live Longer´╗┐.

Dear Reader,

Would you believe me if I told you that the leading cause of heart attack and stroke is NOT high cholesterol or artery plaque?

You don't have to believe the above statement.

Just take your time to read this article to the end...

My name is Authority Doks but what you are about to read now is the story of one of my friends.

His name is Oladapo.

Here's what happen:

It all started on the second sunday of the month of September in 2014.

He woke up in the wee hours of the day to discover that his heart beat rate was faster than normal. He was also feeling pain in his back, shoulder and his chest.

What is this???

What is the meaning of this???

He tried to do all he could to stop the pain but all of his effort was futile.

He couldn't sleep because the pain was too much to bear.

By morning, the pain went away all by itself.

Thank God... he said. Thinking it was over.

The next morning came and what he experienced made him ran to his doctor. Blood was not circulating in one part of his body. He couldn't feel his right hand. It felt as if his right hand was not part of his body. It was not receiving any cardiovascular signal.

As soon as he saw those symptoms, he knew that stroke was coming very soon.

As a very sharp guy who doesn't play with his health.

He went to the office of his family doctor who was also a cardiologist.

Explaining to the doctor all what he has encounter within two days.

Immediately, his doctor diagnosed him and alas it was... Arrhythmia (Irregular Heart Beat) and High Blood Pressure. His cardiologist said his bad cholesterol (LDL) was high. He told him he will need some drugs. After the meeting with the doctor, dapo did everything his doctor recommended.

Unfortunately, Dapo doctor's plan of treatment focused almost entirely on prescription drugs.

Though studies show that some drugs reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

But ask yourself "Are they the only way or even the best way to lower heart attack risk?

Let me continue dapo story...

Each of the drugs that was given to Dapo gave him new health problems.

Worse, they even interfere with his recovery.

Dapo doctor first gave him a Nitro patch. It made him feel tired. His energy level was down. Also, It was as if his head was turn into the playing ground of tom and jerry. He was given two blood pressure drugs. Norvasc and Lopressor. But his blood pressure remained high at 180/100. These drugs even made his John Thomas temporarily unavailable.

You are thinking that was all... No, my friend...

Dapo cholesterol level was 219.

So his doctor prescribed Lipitor. A statin drug (The Ticking Time Bomb Drug)

The statin drug was meant to lower his bad cholesterol... but reverse was the case.

Dapo total cholesterol declined when he went on the drug but his good cholesterol dropped as well. Actually, increasing his cholesterol risk ratio. Dapo said it felt as if soldier ants were sent to his back and legs to destroy his skeletal structure. He became a 80 years old man at the age of 52.

His doctor told him to be exercising because he was overweight.

And because exercise was essential for rehabilitating an injured heart.

But Dapo became so weak that he couldn't even exercise.

He began to wonder why is health life was heading in the opposite direction.

He then started to research more about the drugs he was taking.

He started with the statin drug.

And he discovered a shocking report that almost made his heart jumped out of his body.

He discovered a study where a team of researchers studying the health problems of U.S. military veterans found out that Statin drugs accelerate the build-up of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries.

This study was published in the professional Journal Diabetes Care.

This "time bomb" condition is known as Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC).

This condition quickly leads to more and more plaque in the artery.

Isn't that what Statin drugs are meant to prevent?... he asked himself.

It doesn't stop there my friend.

By causing the arteries to calcify... Statin drugs increase the risk of a heart attack by 600%.

What?... He screamed.

In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association calls this condition (coronary artery calcification) a SIX TIMES more accurate predictor of heart attacks than even a family history of coronary heart disease.

After reading this shocking report he was mad as hell.

But that didn't stop Dapo from taking Statin.


Dapo never believed that his body system has the capacity to heal itself from every disease.

It was not until Dapo discover that high cholesterol or plaque deposits are not even the LEADING cause of heart attack and stroke as he was made to believe.

Rather it was another condition... one that is currently affecting millions of Nigerians.

That was when Dapo started to "wean" off the Statin drug and other medications he has always been depending on slowly.

Within two weeks of slowly weaning off the Statin drug... Dapo back and leg pains vanished.

In replacing the drug... Dapo began to controlled his cholesterol level with diet and exercise and a natural supplement.

After nine months. Dapo went to do a stress test to know the condition of his heart.

The stress test was done and it showed a minimal damage on his heart. The reporting cardiologist said it was difficult to see any evidence that Dapo had ever had a heart disease before.

There is one thing I have come to realise in this world and that is...

When you know the truth... It automatically sets you free from any bondage.

But you see...

Some truth are bitter.

And it is better not say those truth in public places (e.g; like this article)

This will be the reason why I will be inviting you to join my inner circle of people who want to know the REAL cause of heart disease and stroke.

Those who want to LIVE LONGER than most of their peers.

Those who want to fire up their body's most POWERFUL natural antioxidant so as to combat and even escaped the risk of any heart diseases.

Do you want to join these set of people?

If yes...

Then put your best email in the box below to hear from me again.

See you in your mail box.

Authority Doks.



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