True Confession From A 34 Years Old Yaba Woman...

  “My Joy Knew No Bounds When I Found Out The Solution To My Problems... Weak Pelvic Muscles That Degenerated Into Urinary   Incontinence... It Almost Crash My Marriage... But Thank God, This Simple Natural Solution Save Me From My Agony”


To say I was overjoyed was an understatement... hence I created this page to let my unpleasant experience and also share with as many people going through this same problem... the MIRACLE solution that finally worked for me.


Here's My Inspiring Story...


I recently had my second child - shouldn't this be a happy time for a mother?


But I feel lost.


Had this feeling of being frightened, frustrated and inadequate. It’s like am not living my own life anymore.


Is That Normal?

What should I do? That was the question i was asking my doctor... more about the doctor visit in a bit.


My name is Omotayo. A devoted wife and a mom of two kids, one of them is a beautiful princess, her name is solape and the other a handsome prince. Will tell you more about my other child shortly.


I work as a HR manager in one of the top media agency on the Lagos Island.


By all standards, i was super comfortable because I could get anything i want.


Tomorrow does not exist in the dictionary of my life. I live my life to the fullest.


Tayo is also a workaholic; you will always find me at my workplace between 9am to 3pm. After leaving the office, I will go and pick my princess at school.


Every week, I look forward to every weekend because there is always a party to attend.


People know me as a go-getter. Likes to be stylish and always looking fresh and dope.


You want a person that will cheer you up when you are down, just call on me. People always tell me am a comedian cos anytime am around even if you sad, you will laugh when am talking.


I don't really take anything serious, always playful. Everyone is my own mate, both old and young.


Even with all the characteristics above... I still had a problem...


It Started When I Gave Birth To My Baby Boy.

No thanks to breastfeeding and all the hormonal changes from pregnancy and birth.

After giving birth to our second baby, my doctor told us that we should wait till six weeks before having zex.


Even after the six weeks my doctor recommended to have zex, my stitches were still sore but the pain was not that horrible.


We decided to try out zex. As he attempted pene.tra.tion, it was painful and we decided to stop.


I suggested to my partner that we will need some lubricants in order to make zex comfortable.


That was how we went to an store at Magodo.


The journey to the store made me did something awkward... It was so awkward to the extent that I don't talk about it at all.


But am about to reveal it to you now....


Back At The Store.

I and my partner went to the store together.


As he was searching for the best lubricant to use. I told him that i want to check some other stuff the store offers.


I left him and went to the other side of the store.


Before i knew it, I found myself in a bright pink section of the shop surrounded by vibrators and all sorts of zexual contraption.


As I was looking around, an unusual stuff caught my two korokoro eyes, what am I seeing.


A phallus (Latin name for


Immediately, a thought came into my head "don't you see that this stuff is nice, you can buy this secretly without your DH (another way to call your husband) knowledge, then use it some other time"


Told the voice in my head 'NO'. I will have to inform my DH about this. If he gives me the go ahead then am buying it.


I looked at the zex toy again and it was pleasing to the eye. Told my husband about it, he said there is no problem.


That was how i bought the phallus.


We got home in the evening that day... After making sure that my children were asleep.


We got down to business and used the lubricant.


We used the lubricant liberally and it only hurt at first but later it became comfortable.


Although, my anxiousness didn't let me gain any pleasure from it at all.


I thought because of anxiety that was why i could feel nothing during the lovemaking session.


But I was wrong...


I remembered the zex toy I bought at the store and then decided within myself to have a self pleasure session that week just to know whether everything down there was still working fine.


One thing led to another. I took the out the phallus from its pouch and used it that week.


Only for me to realise that my kitten (an alternative way to say was so loose. It was so loose to the extent that i didn't even feel that anything was inside of me.


In anger, I threw the zex toy into the dustbin.


What is my next line of action...


Now that...


Loose Kitten Has Been Confirmed.

At this point, I knew I had to take the destiny of my life into my hand and look for alternative solution to this problem.


I set out on the journey until... I stumbled on a final solution to my weak pelvic muscle and loose kitten.


I'm glad it didn't just work for me alone... but has helped over 13 of my girlfriends... still counting by the day


2016 and Beyond 


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